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GERC Orders MPSEZ To Comply Shortfall Of 1.441 MUs In Solar RPO


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Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) recently passed an order on compliance of the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission

pixon energy

(Procurement of Energy from Renewable Energy Sources) Regulations, 2010 and

its subsequent amendments notified by the Commission.

 Petition was been filed by M/s MPSEZ Utilities Private Limited

(hereinafter referred to MUPL) under the GERC (Procurement of Energy from

Renewable Sources), Regulations, 2010 as amended for its license area regarding

compliance of the percentage targets of purchase from renewable energy sources

for FY 2017-18 with following prayers:

(a) To revise the percentage target of purchase from renewable energy sources for FY 2017-18 keeping in view the supply constraint and the factors beyond the control of the licensee; (b) To allow carrying forward the Solar RPO for FY 2017-18 considering suspension of Solar RECs in FY 2017-18

The Commission observed that the weighted average RPO on basis of actual RPO achieved works out to 2.07% as against 1.75% specified by the Commission in RPO Regulation and also note that there is a shortfall in Solar RPO compliance on account of non-availability of Solar RECs.

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The Commission ordered that the Solar RPO need not be revised to 2.07% and therefore decided to maintain the Solar RPO at the level of 1.75% as stipulated in the Regulations. The entities must fulfill the Solar RPO at 1.75% of their energy

consumption of FY 2017-18. 

Commission clarified that the Solar RPO compliance at 1.75% is to be fulfilled after adjustment of carry forward of Solar energy.

Commission directed to MPSEZ Utilities Pvt. Limited to comply with the shortfall of 1.441 MUs in Solar RPO within FY 2020-21 and clarified  that procurement of this quantity of Solar

renewable energy or Solar REC shall be in addition to the Solar RPO specified by

the Commission for the current year, i.e. FY 2020-21.

To know more refer to the document below:

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