SECI Issues Amendment Of 15 MW Floating Solar Tender In Himachal Pradesh


The Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) recently issued an amendment and prebid clarification for its 15 MW Floating Solar PV Power Plant at Nangal Pond in Himachal Pradesh.


Some of the amendments are Pursuant to Article 4.2.6, all charges and losses related to Transmission of power from project up to Delivery Point (including but not limited to, transmission, DSM, Scheduling, Reactive power charges (if applicable) etc.) as notified by the competent authority / regulator shall be borne by the SPD, beyond the Delivery Point all charges and losses as notified by the competent authority / regulator from time to time shall be borne by the BBMB and SPD shall ensure Connectivity of the FSPV project upto the delievery point connected with LILO network of BBMB.


Following is the document for amendments :


Following is the document for clarifications :


Recently , For this tender SECI extended the last date of offline bid submission to 14.09.2020 (18:00 HRS). The techno-commercial bid opening will be carried out w.e.f. 11:00 HRS on 15.09.2020.

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