SirajPower Builds 60 kWp Solar Rooftop Plant At Mirdif Villa Complex


The 60 kWp solar rooftop plant at Mirdif Villa Complex was built by SirajPower with breathtaking efficiency – in only 3 weeks, without compromising quality and safety.


Through the close collaboration of the SirajPower Team with Green Coast Real Estate’s Facilities Management Team, the solar installation is now in good stead to power the two complexes comprising of 14 villas.


In its first year of operation, the solar plant will generate 100 MWh of solar energy, reducing more than 70 metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to more than 8 million smartphones being charged.


Recently, SirajPower, UAE’s leading distributed solar energy provider, announced that it has started to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services to all solar plant owners in the region beyond its owned portfolio. Through its O&M services, SirajPower will handle the operation, cleaning, and maintenance of solar systems allowing clients and plant owners to focus on their core business. The move also comes as SirajPower continues to champion the commercial, industrial and residential sectors (solar rooftop and carports) thanks to the strong and extensive solar experience built for nearly half a decade.

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