Gujarat Government Announces New Solar Power Policy

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Gujarat Chief Minister (CM) Vijay Rupani unveiled the “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021” which will be effective from 2021-2025.


Highlights of the policy:


(1) Any person / developer / consumer can set up solar projects as per his requirement without any capacity ceiling;


(2) Existing ceiling of 50% of sanctioned load / contracted demand for setting up solar project is removed


(3) Consumers can set up solar projects on their roof / premises or can give their roof / premises on lease to third party for generation and consumption of power in same premises

(4) New solar power policy will be operative for 5 years i.e. up to December 2025

(5) Security Deposit to be furnished by developer to DISCOMs for PPA has been reduced from Rs 25 lakh per MW to Rs 5 Lakh per MW

For complete details refer below document

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