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The Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority has Issued a Document on Rooftop Solar PV Development in Vietnam


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The Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (under MOIT) has issued a document stating that the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority is currently coordinating with consulting units to study models, scale and electricity purchase price for each type of rooftop solar power (RSP) and it is expected that in the QI of 2021, it will report to the MOIT for consideration and submission to the Prime Minister on policies to encourage RSP for the next period. Therefore, from 0:00 on 1 January 2021 onwards, the type and price of electricity purchase to the RPS have not been determined.


In pending time for instructions from competent authorities, Power Corporations/Power Companies under EVN will close the list of commercial operation RPS systems (fully or partially installed) until 24:00 on 31 December 2020. For RSP systems partially operating by 24:00 on 31 December 2020, the Power Companies will make a written confirmation to the investors about the capacity scale of part of the system that has entered operation.

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The Power Companies will stop receiving and settling requirements for connection and signing PPAs from the RSP systems developed after 31 December 2020 until there are new instructions from the authorities. For the RSP projects developed after 31 December 2020, the Power units will not record the electricity generated on the grid and will not buy electricity without a new Decision of the Prime Minister.

According to updated data, as of 25 December 2020, there were 83,000 RSP projects connected to the power system with a total installed capacity of nearly 4,700MWp. Up to now, the total power generation output to the grid from RSP has reached more than 1.13 billion kWh, contributing to ensuring power supply for the national power system. EVN commits to always support and create favorable conditions for the development of renewable energy in general and RSP in particular following the guidelines and policies of the Party and Government.

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