Emmvee Has Commissioned 700KW Rooftop Solar PV Project For Balaji Technologies, Bengaluru


The increasing fluctuation in electricity prices and inconsistency in the supply of conventional electricity sources, have to lead to the growth of rooftop solar adoption across India.


The adoption of the solar rooftop model helps to save costs on electricity bills and provides a reliable, consistent, and sustainable solution to meet their energy needs. It not only minimizes the electricity bills but also helps to easily track electricity usage and calculate the estimated cost of generating electricity for the next 10 years.


Emmvee has commissioned a rooftop solar PV project for Balaji Building Technologies, a leading glass treatment company in Bengaluru.
The 700 KWp solar project is spread over a rooftop area of 5600 Sq.m with 2122 solar modules. The project has an annual energy yield of1.02 million units (approx) and Co2 saving per annum of 818 tonnes (approx).


The project has one of the largest rooftop systems equipped with state of art safety systems to ensure utmost safety during operation and maintenance of the system. Also, the project was commissioned on time despite interruptions due to the on-going pandemic.

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Projects such as Balaji Technologies should only encourage other industries to understand the potential of solar rooftop projects in saving costs on energy bills and conserving the environment. Also, it will help in reaching the ambitious renewable energy target India has set for itself.

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