First Overseas Order Of LONGi Hi-MO 5 Modules Shipped To UK


LONGi has successfully shipped 7MW of high-efficiency Hi-MO 5 solar modules to the Southampton port in the UK by sea, the mode of transport validating the reliability, durability and cost advantages of the M10 182mm wafer based module.


The project is located in Rugby and exclusively uses Hi-MO 5 modules. The modules were transported overland from LONGi’s new factory in Jiaxing to the port of Shanghai, then by sea to the port of Southampton in the UK, and from there once again overland to Rugby.

In the design of the Hi-MO 5 module, the limitations of standard container and module size have been fully taken into consideration, with packaging still adopting the mainstream vertical mode (as shown below, the long sides of the modules parallel to the ground), which  reduces the risk of damage due to module weight and turbulence during transportation. A reasonable increase in module size can effectively improve container utilization and drive down shipping costs.

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A continual increase in module size will necessitate the abandonment of this reliable packaging method, which puts at risk product durability during transportation. For example, hidden cracks or other damage may occur when modules are laid flat due to weight and turbulence during transportation and, when laid upright, there is a risk of falling due to the greater height of the package.


In terms of transportation costs, Hi-MO 5 has obvious advantages over other mainstream products available in the market. Taking this 7MW project in the UK as an example, based on current shipping rates, the transportation cost for Hi-MO5 modules to the UK can be reduced by 0.36 ¢ /W when compared with the shipping cost for 72C modules based on 166mm wafers, as can be seen in the tables below:

Module typeHi-MO5166-72C158.75-72C
Module power535W445W410W
Container packing quantity620660700
Packing capacity328600W290400W283500W
Sea freight from Shanghai to British ports
(including land transportation, THC and shipping)
Transportation cost per Watt2.74¢3.10¢3.17¢
Transportation cost difference per WattBaseline0.36¢0.44¢

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