SolarWindow Achieves 12-Fold Increase In Rapid Prototyping Of Electricity-Generating Glass & Plastics


SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (Symbol: WNDW) today reported a 500% increase in prototyping and testing speed; 12-fold increase in testing capacity and output; and 20-times reduction in material costs. Engineers attribute these record results to the Company’s new ‘high-output platform’ for lab-scale prototyping of SolarWindow electricity-generating plastics and glass for commercial building windows, transportation, greenhouses, and other applications.


The SolarWindow breakthrough announced today was achieved at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with SolarWindow.


A Breakout Year for SolarWindow


“2021 promises to be a breakout year for SolarWindow and our LiquidElectricity™ coatings, which can turn otherwise ordinary glass and plastics into electricity-generating products. We envision electricity-generating windows on buildings, self-charging automotive sunroofs, and applications in rail, marine, and more,” explained Ms. Alexandra Musk, SolarWindow Vice President of Brand & Business Development.


“We have an accomplished and determined management team with ample cash on hand to grow our operations, and now have a high-output technical platform to support the launch of a brand-new form of electrification,” stated Mr. Jay S. Bhogal, SolarWindow Chairman & CEO.

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“I’m especially impressed by the scientific and engineering performance of our SolarWindow Innovation Group, whose results over the last two quarters have outpaced our development milestones,” continued Mr. Bhogal.

“Our results are impressive, repeatable, and faster than ever. We are now maximizing power and size, and optimizing engineering processes suitable for manufacturing of SolarWindow electricity-generating products — all at a record pace,” stated Dr. James Whitaker, SolarWindow Principal Scientist.

Importantly, today’s new high-output prototyping platform will drive the Company’s roll-to-roll program for manufacturing. SolarWindow electricity-generating plastics and flexible glass have been produced using select roll-to-roll processes – a high-speed manufacturing method typical to commercial production of tinted window films, digital displays, printed electronics, and semiconductors.

In addition to supporting mass manufacturing, the Company has developed its high-output prototyping platform to maximize electrical power. Previously, SolarWindow Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, Mr. Patrick Sargent, demonstrated power with the Company’s largest and most transparent SolarWindow™ generating electricity from natural sunlight and artificial indoor light.

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Announced today, the Company’s new high-output lab-scale prototyping platform has been accomplished under the leadership of Dr. James Whitaker, working through a CRADA in collaboration with NREL Researchers, namely: Dr. Bryon Larson; Dr. Bertrand Tremolet de Villers; Dr. David Ostrowski; Rosemary Bramante, MS; Mickey Wilson, MS; and Reilly Saban.

SolarWindow technologies, coatings, and applications processes are the subject of numerous patent awards with nearly 120 patent claims protected in the United States, Europe, China, and elsewhere. More than 200 additional patent claims are in-process in countries around the world, with over 90 granted and in-process patent and trademark filings.

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