Antaisolar Offered 100MW Solar Racking for Large PV Plant In China To Help Sand Prevention And Control


Desertification is called the cancer of the earth, and it has become a global ecological problem, which has profoundly affected the balance of global ecosystems and seriously threatened the safety of human lives and property in the world.


How to hold the blue sky and white clouds and explore new models of sand prevention and control, numerous large-scale photovoltaic power plants are entering the field of environmental sand control. 


The desert photovoltaic power plant adopted Antaisolar manu-adjustable solar fixed solar racking with installed capacity of 100MW, located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, had been successfully connected to local gird by the end of December 2020. It effectively promote the coordinated development of local green energy, ecological environment and plateau agriculture and animal husbandry.

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The area is relatively dry climate, serious land desertification, and dust storms occur frequently. Belonging to the plateau area, the site’s terrain is high and undulating. Facing huge challenges posed by the complex construction conditions, Antaisolar conquered all the difficulties and providing technology and product support for this PV project with rich experience in dealing with complicated solar racking projects.

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Z:\07 工程案例\国内项目\2020年-国内支架项目\内蒙古-阿拉善-100MW固定可调式支架项目\100MW水印2修图.jpg

By adjusting the tilt angle, the power station can absorb more direct sunlight, which can greatly improve the power generation efficiency. It is estimated that the annual power generation of the power station will reach 195 million kwh, saving 64,200 tons of standard coal and reducing 204,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other gases. There is no doubt that the development of photovoltaic industry in desert and Gobi not only has remarkable economic benefits, but also has the ecological function of sand prevention and control. And it’s expected to become the third new way of sand prevention and control after afforestation and desertification control and sand fixation by sand barriers.

Based on the vision of “Backbone for Solar World”, Antaisolar will focus on its brand positioning- the Expert in Hard & Core Technology for Solar Mounting & Tracking System, and strive to provide high-end customized solar racking solutions for global clients to safeguard the blue sky and white clouds.

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