Keystone Power Holdings Continues Solar Projects in Illinois

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Keystone Power Holdings, LLC (Keystone), a renewable energy developer/owner of solar facilities, continues to develop and operate solar projects for wastewater treatment plants in Illinois. As with all of Keystone’s projects, these projects deliver a triple benefit: bring down energy costs, reduce environmental impact and build resiliency into local power grids.


Two installations have been operational in Illinois for over 12 months, in the Village of Milan and the City of Colona. Keystone funded the systems through its investment fund, KPH Solar Farms Fund I, which provides financing for eligible projects from 250 kilowatts to 10 megawatts. In each case, Keystone developed, built and financed the development with no up-front costs for the municipalities. The power generated is being purchased by the municipalities at a discount to current utility rates. Projected savings are close to $1 million over the life of the two solar power purchase agreements. In Milan’s case, Keystone was able to purchase land adjacent to the plant to accommodate the installation.

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“Illinois continues to be a good market for us, given the business-friendly environment, Illinois’ efforts to go green and support from the Illinois Shines Program,” said Anthony Fotopoulos, co-founder of Keystone Power Holdings. “We are pleased to work with smaller municipalities and non-profits, giving them the opportunity to diversify their energy sources, shrink their carbon footprint while also conserving public funds.”

“It was a pleasure to work with these municipalities and our process makes it easy for them. In both cases, we built solid relationships and found good spaces for installation,” said William DePhillipo, co-founder of Keystone Power Holdings. “Developing solar projects for municipalities continues to be a priority of ours and we look forward to continuing to grow partnerships for similar projects in other states.

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