FIMER Today Is A Company That Is 100 Percent Involved In Sustainability And Committed To Innovation And Customer Centricity


    FIMER is a global leader in Solar Inverter Technology for solar systems and E-mobility solutions. 

    • With one of the broadest portfolios of solar and storage solutions for all solar applications, we shape the future of renewable energy. For us investing and working in the solar and e-mobility sectors is a strategic choice for building a better world to leave to future generations. We are committed to leveraging the energy playing field to serve growing demands with clean, affordable energy which truly benefits people and places. 
    • FIMER is proudly “Made in Italy” with its headquarter and production plants located in Italy (for Global products) and India (for the local market). At FIMER, commitment to sustainability is our mission. We are working at zero impact global headquarter in Vimercate (Italy), with an installation of 1MW systems, highly sustainable materials and the best technologies in the field of geothermal energy have been our practice so far.FIMER is proudly “Made in Italy” with its headquarters based out of Italy. At FIMER, commitment  to sustainability is our mission. We are working at zero impact headquarter in Vimercate (Italy), with an installation of 1MW systems, highly sustainable materials and the best technologies in the field of geothermal energy have been our practice so far. 
    Geographic distribution    EmployeesDirect presenceProduction sitesResearch centers
    +100 Countries+110026 Countries in 5 Continents32
    • Global repair centers: 12 in 5 continents
    • Active in EV charging: since 2017 
    • Production, R@D based in Italy, Production sites based in out of Italy & India.

    History of Growth:


    The evolution of our brand reflects a history of growth. Ambition for continuous growth, passion for innovation, and foresight is part of our tradition and so the small business founded in 1942 has become a leading global company in the future -oriented business.


    In 2020 our identity has been significantly renewed, in line with an extraordinary moment of transformation. 

    • Our DNA and our values are the same, but with the acquisition of ABB’s solar inverter business, FIMER has evolved into a new dimension and celebrates this occasion with a new visual brand appearance.
    • Under the umbrella of our FIMER corporate brand, the newly acquired solar inverter portfolio continues to carry the ABB brand under trademark licenses agreement to ensure a smooth brand transition. 
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    Our vision is to shape a new and powerful energy model that uses the power of the sun to drive progress and prosperity for a cleaner and sustainable world. 

    B. Mission

    As a global leader in solar inverter technology, we have the energy to make positive change happen. We are committed to leveraging the energy playing field to serve growing demands with clean, affordable energy which truly benefits people and places.

    C Business Goals & objectives:  

    FIMER is the right partner, with the advanced solar and EVC solutions that can help drive your business forward. The powerful combination of agility and experience allows you to expand your offering, and deliver bigger and better solar installations. With a high future focus on investment in particular in R&D, service experience and company brand recognition, FIMER, as a European brand, will take a leading role in the solar inverter business and will help you make your business more successful and profitable. 

    FIMER today is a company that is 100 percent involved in sustainability and committed to Innovation and Customer centricity. We are now a strong player in the energy transition market with an ambition to come the solar sector’s technology leader. With our work, we want to enable our customers to successfully provide greener and smarter energy solutions leading the way. We work every day to improve our solutions, providing customer support and developing new technologies that respond better and better to the challenges of the future. Thanks to the continuous evolution of our offer, our inverters guarantee such high yields that they produce more energy than the market average. 

    • Preserving our leading position in the market, with an innovative approach, we offer highly reliable solutions, thanks to the continuous technological  development of our portfolio carried out in R&D centers.
    • We place customers at the heart of our day-to-day work creating a unique collaborative relationship with unrivaled post-sales assistance.

    In the e-mobility sector, our research and development activities assure cutting edge technologies to offer reliable and innovative solutions, that meet the growing needs of the market. We are shaking up the future of mobility, leading the way to a New electric Era. In the next year, we expect to see a strong increase in storage solutions and miniaturization of products, in response to trends for solutions to become smaller and smaller. In general, we will see a strong distinction between distributed energy and the centralized model and storage will be one of the stronger players in the market in the next year or so.

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    3.       Business Concept

    FIMER has one of the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from single and three-phase string inverters up to megawatt-sized central inverters, to meet the needs of any PV application. The offering is complemented by a series of AC and DC EV charging stations and advanced monitoring solutions

    Our solutions are suitable for the following applications:

    1. Residential: Product offering includes UNO- DM-PlusQ String Inverter and REACT2 (Hybrid inverter PV+ Storage ). Special 10 year warranty available in selected regions. 
    • Usually projects below 10kW
    • All about rooftop, typically single phase, one or very few inverters
    • High value to connectivity, user friendly
    1. Commercial:   Product offering includes PVS 10/33-TL, PVS 50/60-TL, PVS 100/120-TL string inverters. The offering includes a powerful line of three-phase string inverters for photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in C&I applications, as well as a series of AC and DC EV chargers. The products guarantee high total efficiency and reliability while optimizing the total cost of ownership in PV projects. The solutions are complemented by a series of cloud based advanced communication services which simplify the integration in smart environments.
    • Between 10 to 5000kW
    • C&I roofs, all three phases, some or many inverters
    • Flexibility, compactness and performances the keys
    1. Utility:Product offering includes PVS 175-TL in String inverter. In Central inverter available PVS980-58 up to 5MVA and PVS -980-Cs up to 5MVA (with skid solution). FIMER’s offering for utility-scale applications includes best-in-class indoor and outdoor central inverters supplemented with stations for indoor inverters as well as medium voltage stations suitable for a variety of site conditions and local requirements. 
    • Above 5000kW
    • Massively ground mounted
    • From LV to MV, always big and many units
    • $/W, performances and O&M on top
    1. Microgrids: product offering MGS100, Suitable for On/Off-grid projects
    • From kw up to MW
    • Rural installations primarily in Emerging countries
    1. E-mobility. Over 35,000+ EV charging stations installed worldwide. We have developed two lines of charging stations (both DC and AC) taking advantage of our experience in the development of inverters. AC-EVC is a charging station line able to recharge up to two electric vehicles in alternating current, each up to 22kW. As to DC stations, we have conceived, designed and  built Ultra Fast stations, available from 25kW -150kW. (both AC and DC) for residential and commercial and public applications: FIMER FLEXA and FIMER ELECTRA. 
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    FIMER FLEXA AC line includes AC Station, the charging unit which simultaneously recharges up to two electric vehicles, and AC Wallbox, the EV charging device installed on the wall or on a dedicated FIMER FLEXA Stand. FIMER ELECTRA DC station, available in different power configurations, is the best solution where fast charging is required.

    Team & Management

    FIMER headquarters are based out of Vimercate, Italy.  The organization is headed by Filippo Carzaniga, Chairman (BoD). Alessio Facondo is the Group Chief Executive Officer and Board Member. India operations are headed by KN Sreevatsa, Country Managing Director, based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka.  

    Customers & Projects

    FIMER has an installed base of > 46GW+ worldwide, spread across 100 countries. Last year, FIMER installed the first ever 5MVA inverter for a textile mill in India. FIMER recently supplied its REACT2 Hybrid inverter and EV AC type charging station to the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) for a prestigious India-UK partnership under the Innovating for Clean Air (IfCA) program by Energy System Catapult, UK.

    From powering India’s biggest 750MW Solar REWA park to electrifying over 400 villas in Dubai, from solarizing airports in Africa to powering up energy projects in cold regions like Antarctica and Finland; from bringing in easy access to energy in smaller countries like Nepal to revolutionizing entertainment places like breweries in Australia–FIMER has touched the lives of a billion people across the world! 

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