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Trina Solar To Deliver 550W High-Power Vertex Modules To North America, Newly Produced From Its Vietnam Factory


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Trina Solar has announced the first batch of Trina Solar 210mm diameter cells and Vertex modules have come off the production line from the company’s overseas factory in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. This shipment marks Trina Solar’s commencement of the full-capacity delivery of its high-power Vertex 550W modules globally, making Trina Solar the first solar company to deliver modules to North America that incorporate 210mm diameter solar cells.


Trina Solar broke ground on its Thai Nguyen plant in December 2020, and completed
construction in five months. This new state-of-the-art factory has a capacity for 3GW
of cells and 4.5GW of Vertex modules. On May 15, the facility successfully
manufactured the first batch of Vertex 550W high-power modules that incorporate
210mm diameter solar cells. Plans for Vertex 400W and Vertex 670W module
production are now on the agenda for the Vietnam-based plant, which can boost the
annual capacity to an equivalent of 3.5 GW of 210mm cells and 5GW of Vertex modules,

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For the solar PV industry, Trina Solar’s Vietnam plant represents the first overseas
factory that manufactures advanced 210mm diameter cells and Vertex 550W modules.
This fully automated facility strengthens Trina Solar’s efficient global delivery of Vertex
modules, and can better satisfy surging demand for high-quality, high-efficiency
210mm diameter cell products all across North America. With energy analysts
forecasting strong growth for utility-scale solar projects across the U.S. in the coming
decade, Trina Solar’s high-powered 550W Vertex modules, incorporating 210mm
diameter solar cells, can help project developers and financiers achieve great project

Currently, Trina Solar runs multiple 210mm cell and Vertex module factories in China
and Vietnam, which are expected to produce more than 50GW of modules in total by
the end of 2021.

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