The Advantages of Solar Pumps Over Fossil Fuel and Manual Pumps


Well, when it comes to agricultural use, the advantages associated with solar pumps are close to none. The biggest benefit of the pumps is that they can be used anywhere. Provided, one does have a well in their property, all they need is solar panels and the sun to make the system work properly. This simply gives way to the fact that one doesn’t need to spend unnecessarily trying to avail a source of power, which otherwise could have been very costly and might require a huge maintenance haul. 


Lower operating cost is probably the most notable benefit provided by solar pump systems. The fact that the energy is coming directly from the sun makes one’s utility bill get reduced to a considerable extent. As they get fueled up naturally by the sun, solar pumps do not really come up with a hefty operating cost. One doesn’t need to count a huge utility bill everytime they turn the pump on. On the contrary, with solar pump systems on board, one can just save huge money and continue pumping water for a more reasonable price! In a nutshell, a solar water pump can be defined as a wise investment that will help one make money down the line.

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 Fuel can add a whopping cost to one’s irrigation plan, since it calls for constant supply of fuel, and one has to keep buying fuel continuously. Solar pumps, on the other hand, are propelled by solar panels. All the required energy comes from the sun and that too at a completely free of cost.


Also, in case, there is a need for a source of power that can move, there certainly cannot be a better option than that of solar. Whether one has to move their irrigation system due to seasonal modifications or it’s just the livestock that need to be relocated, a water pump set-up that can be moved to and fro is a great option indeed. So, if it calls for a solution that doesn’t have to stay static, solar is the finest option for anyone.

At the same time, a solar pump system is quite easier to maintain than its other counterparts. These systems can actually operate for years without requiring any sort of maintenance. The fact that they don’t comprise many mechanical modules makes them less likely to give out or seize up. They can be easily installed by anyone. It hardly needs any expert’s hand. 

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Last but not the least; one major benefit of solar pump technology is that these systems are highly efficient. Over the years, the concept of solar has perked up significantly, coming up as an effective option to power the well spurt. Especially, when one resides in a comparatively sunny location, the solar pump they have installed does continue to work way more efficiently, while making their property more environmental-friendly and saving money too. According to Allied Market Research, the global solar pump market is anticipated to portray a considerable CAGR from 2020 to 2027. In the last few years, there has been huge awareness of solar water pumping among individuals across the world, which in turn has been highly beneficial for the market growth. Also, considerably low price of photovoltaic panels to supporthuge production of energy from renewable sources in order to bring down dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the discharge of pollutants has supplemented the growth yet more. Although the outbreak of COVID-19 impacted the market negatively, especially during the first phase of the lockdown, the eased-off restrictions in most countries across the world are expected to help the market recoup soon.

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By Koyel Ghosh, Renewable Engery Blogger

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