Abu Dhabi’s Masdar, Iraq Sing 2 GW Solar Power Agreement


The Iraqi electricity ministry signed with Masdar, a United Arab Emirates-based renewable power developer, an agreement to build solar power projects in central and southern Iraq, with a total capacity of 2 GW, the Iraqi oil ministry said on Thursday in a statement.


The project is the biggest investment in Iraq’s renewable energy industry, the statement said, without indicating its total cost.

Iraq is planning to build a number of power plants in the coming years in partnership with international and Arab companies. Some will use solar energy, while others will run on fossil fuels, including gas that is produced during the extraction of oil, by introducing it into the electricity production system, Iraq Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar told Asharq recently.


I am proud to have signed on behalf of Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company) a strategic agreement to work with the Government of Iraq said Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi
Chief Executive Officer at Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company). While Iraq and the UAE share a common heritage as oil & gas producers, we also share the desire to take action on Climate Change and deliver a more Sustainable Future. I look forward to supporting Iraq in its Clean Energy transition and to helping our brother country to meet its climate goals he added.


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