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As Avi Solar Is An Independent O&M Service Provider, It Uses The Monitoring Solutions Already Existing In Its Customer Solar Power Plant – GS Venkatesh, Director & CEO, Avi Solar Energy Pvt Ltd.


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  1. Please tell our readers in brief about the consultancy services that Avi Solar offers.

Avi Solar specializes in harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic technology and provide quality and reliable Solar PV Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for Ground Mounted and Rooftop Projects upto capacity of 100MW.


Avi Solar Competency in PMC Services involves in Strong and experienced Inhouse Team for Engineering Design, Management, Procurement and Execution supervision having 7+ years’ in Turnkey execution of Utility Scale and Rooftops Solar PV Power Projects with different technology of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Fixed or Tracker systems. Our O&M experience of handling cumulatively 2.5GW Solar Projects with various types of modules, inverters, mounting arrangements and various levels of power evacuation systems also contributes to provide optimal solution and in design development of solar projects with superior technology making no compromise in Quality.

Avi Solar PMC Service involves in following key activities: Project feasibility , Optimal solution, Project Management & Quality control

  1. What are some of the advantages of having good quality maintenance systems? Can you tell us about your Operations and Maintenance services?
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Good Quality Maintenance leads to

  • Higher uptime, higher generation & better project ROI
  • Longer equipment life and reduced OPEX

Our O&M activities are system driven by annual and monthly O&M plans for each project with day-to-day maintenance activity strictly driven by standardized checklists and SOP’s through mobile app.

Our O&M activities include preventive, breakdown, and predictive maintenance of the solar plant with battery limit of our service varying from switch yard within the solar power plant to the incomer bay of the interconnecting substation.

Highest priority is accorded to safety with continuous training of all our team on all safety aspects. We are enforcing strict implementation of all EHS guidelines of our company as well as of our customers to ensure safe work across all sites.

  1. Please tell us how important is real monitoring of solar plants? Could you explain your PV monitoring solutions offerings in brief?

Real time monitoring of Solar power plants is a very critical aspect of O&M service which helps in improving plant performance as well as will help in optimization  of  manpower at site level leading cost optimization. Also, real time monitoring coupled with AI & ML will help in predictive maintenance.

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As Avi Solar is an independent O&M service provider, it uses the monitoring solutions already existing in its customer solar power plant. In whichever sites, effective monitoring solutions are not available, it recommends an IoT based SCADA system developed by its own subsidiary company, M/ s EnerMAN Technologies.

  1. What are some of your recent developments in business you would like to highlight?

We are happy to share that, recently Avi Solar has signed a long term contract with M/s Virescent Infra for providing O&M services for their 147MWp Solar power plants in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this we also signed an O&M contract with M/s Atria Power & Berkley Energy group for providing their O&M services to their roof top solar power plants. Our other major customers to whom we are providing our O&M services are M/s Renew Power, Cleantech Solar, Cleanmax Solar, Hero Future Energy , Bosch , Oriano

  1. What are your business development and expansion plans for 2021?
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Currently we are providing our O&M services to around 425 + MWp solar power plants including both ground mounted and rooftop projects. With many more projects in our pipeline, we intend to add another 200 to 300 MWp to our portfolio in the next 5 to 6 months’ time and will be operating around 650 to 750 MWp solar power plants in the current FY 21-22.

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