Green Stream Holdings, Inc., Announces That It Is On-Schedule To Launch Its First Solar Greenhouse Next Week

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Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: GSFI) (, an emerging leader in the solar utility and finance space, which had previously announced that it would be entering the rapidly growing urban gardening sector with solar greenhouses dedicated primarily to rooftop farming1, today announced that within the next week it expects to launch its premiere self-contained Solar Greenhouse with its own irrigation system and back-up battery supply.


It has been shown that roofs with vegetation are widely believed to extend roof life, conserve energy, and reduce stormwater runoff and air pollution; new studies show they can also boost the performance of solar panels. Plants reduce a roof’s contribution to the urban heat-island effect by lowering the surrounding air temperature through evaporation; this cooling can also make photovoltaic panels perform more efficiently. Plants also reduce airborne pollutants and dust particles, allowing the panels to absorb more sunlight.

CEO James DiPrima said: “Last year when the company announced this innovation, Madeline Cammarata, our then CEO who is now passed, spoke of her vision for this project… and what she said is still impactful now! She said: “In the last few years, rooftop gardening has been growing exponentially. The opportunity and necessity to grow crops on rooftops and inside tall building allows for an efficient use of the limited space found in cities and we have the infrastructure in place to begin cultivating these structures alongside and even within a select group of our current projects.”

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She continued, “We are confident that a new generation of organic super-sized food products grown locally under strict fully climatized conditions, will provide the next generation of urban cuisine, not to mention a supply source for community minded stores like Whole Foods, Target and local markets… “Now we have the ability to significantly impact the communities we serve with the opportunity for multiple streams of income from each project, from providing electricity for the public utilities, to growing fresh fruits and vegetables for the local restaurants. Growing season is 24 -7/365 in our climate-controlled rooftop greenhouses powered by solar arrays, and with dual-benefit: storing power during the day for use at night and utilizing excess power to sell back to communities as an energy source.”


CEO James DiPrima added: “Our goal was to develop a Solar Greenhouse that met the demand for the highest quality vegetation year-round with the greatest Return on Investment to the customer. We are excited to launch our Solar Greenhouses… complete with individual integrated Aquaponics systems. One of the key benefits is the Solar Greenhouse with integrated Aquaponics that now allows users to maximize their growth yield, with limited space, such as on top of commercial roof tops, or standalone space in a water deprived environment, completely keeping it powered through our Solar Greenhouse, increasing their bottom-line profits on continuous growth, and saving utility costs.

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Using solar energy has two main benefits: Solar energy systems do not produce air pollutants or carbon dioxide and Solar energy systems on buildings have minimal effects on the environment… OUR Solar Greenhouses combine the two creating a physical structure that produce electricity, with the ability to capture the sun from many different angles.”

Madeline had also shown the rest of us, the importance of social responsibility and that every company should try to make not just money… but to make people’s lives better. She said: “In inner cities across the USA a silent public health scourge stalks children and families living in urban sprawl and the scourge is this: lack of access to locally sourced, fresh, organically grown produce. Our Solar Greenhouses takes under-utilized space and turns them into sustainable inner-city farms, harnessing collected solar energy and runoff water to become an oasis for healthy produce to be reintroduced into urban deserts and improve the health and well-being of the community. I am thrilled to highlight to our shareholders the continually refined focus of Green Stream on our unique, niche, business paradigm: the Community Solar Project. The Community Solar Project is an elegantly simple solution to basic renewable energy and sustainability challenges faced by high energy cost urban areas around the nation.”

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