Growatt Deepened Its Market Penetration In The Americas

Growatt deepened its market penetration in the Americas
Growatt achieved a great success in the Americas last year, being honored with “Top Brand PV Inverters” awards for the US, Brazil, Mexico and the Americas. This recognition is based on the results of surveys amongst solar installers in those markets carried out by EUPD Research, a market research institution based in Bonn, Germany.
With increasing investment in the Americas in recent years, Growatt has gradually deepened its market penetration, set up service centers in the US, Mexico and Brazil, and expanded the local service team. “Because of this localization strategy, Growatt is able to overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic and continue to expand our businesses across the continent,” commented Lisa Zhang, Marketing Director at Growatt.

Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Growatt has developed a new generation of X series inverters that feature a sleek design as well as safe, smart and powerful functionalities. To adapt to the market demand in Latin America, the company has launched new product models such as the MAC 15-36KTL3-XL and MIN 7-10KTL-X inverters. The former inverter is suitable for three-phase 220V systems, while the latter is designed for high-power residential solar applications.

Growatt has also introduced its MIN 3000-11400TL-XH US hybrid inverter and ARO lithium battery into the United States to offer customers safe and reliable solar energy storage solution. In addition, Growatt provides off-grid energy storage solutions in the Americas, in which it brings up with SPF off-grid inverter series and ARK battery with modular and stackable design for 120V and 240V applications.

To meet increasing demand, Growatt has begun production at its new manufacturing plant that covers an area of 200,000 square meters and boosts its annual production capacity to 20GW, according to Zhang. Having its strong competitive advantages in distributed solar energy, Growatt ranked third globally for residential inverters and it also came among the world’s top 5 suppliers of three-phase string inverters for commercial and industrial projects according to IHS Markit’s latest PV Inverter Market Tracker.

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