TMEIC Obtains VPC Certification for 1,500Vdc PV Inverter in Taiwan


Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC), obtained Voluntary Product Certification (VPC) in Taiwan for its 1,500Vdc PV inverter -model PVH-L2670E for utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants.


TMEIC was the first in the industry to obtain the certification for a 1,500Vdc central-type PV inverter in Taiwan.

VPC is a certification introduced by the Bureau of Standard, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) in Taiwan to guarantee high efficiency, quality and safety for various products. Currently, all PV plants that are newly planned for development in Taiwan are required to use PV inverters certified by VPC.


In Taiwan, introduction of PV plants with 20GW-capacity is expected in the future in order to meet the country’s target of increasing the percentage of renewable energy to 20% relative to total power generation by 2025. Plans for the installation of these utility-scale PV plants are progressing at pace. In addition, although in the past 1,000Vdc PV inverters were the most common models used in PV plants, demand is now increasing for 1,5000Vdc models due to growing needs for high voltage and large capacity.

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TMEIC obtained certification for model PVH-L2670E (Input voltage: 1,500Vdc, Rated capacity: 2.67MVA) to meet these needs, which follows on from VPC certification for a 1,000Vdc model acquired in July 2020. With its proven track record in installing such facilities and providing stable operation in Taiwan, TMEIC intends to contribute to the expansion of these facilities there going forward.

TMEIC has an extensive record of delivering this model to PV plants with capacity of 5GW and above, where the SOLAR WARE STATION, packaged with up to two PV inverters and including a step-up transformer and high voltage interrupter as optional extras, enables the environmental durability required for structures in regions prone to salt damage in Taiwan.

Vice President Naotada Sawada, Renewable Energy & New Technology Division said “TMEIC was the first company to obtain VPC certification for a 1,500Vdc central-type PV inverter in Taiwan. We have already established a local service network there too so that our customers in Taiwan can use TMEIC systems with peace of mind over the long term. With our exceptional technology and quality, we will continue seeking to maximize benefits for customers and aim to grab top share of the PV inverter market for PV plants in Taiwan, where high growth is expected.”

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