Solar Panel Installation by National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) Group in Select Branches


Recently, National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) Group announced that it will install solar panels across the territory as an undertaking of a new initiative on select branches of NBB and Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB).


This initiative is expected to be rolled out in the Q1 2022. The solar panels will be installed at four different branches. These branches are NBB’s Istiqlal and Riffa Souq branches, BisB’s Hamad Town and Arad branches. It will be completed in approximately six months.

The total capacity of the installed panels measures 373KW, generating a combined 605,700 kWh of energy annually, saving up to 65% of power at some of the branches. This will serve to diminish the overall Group’s carbon footprint by declining nearly 300 Tonnes of CO2 every year, meanwhile also optimising energy consumption and costs.


Head of Property, Procurement and Administration at NBB Group, Haytham Seyadeeh, said, “Environmental responsibility is a critical part of our strategy and has become deeply embedded into our culture, in line with our ongoing endeavours to operate more responsibly across the Group. Our efforts extend beyond the financial aspect as a bank, and today we are taking active steps towards preserving the environment in which we operate, and, ultimately, enhancing our customers’ overall wellbeing. As the leading banking Group in the Kingdom, we consider it our duty to increase awareness on ESG and lead by example as we maintain our focus on customer-centricity in all its forms.”

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Using solar-powered systems results in pure and clean energy from the sun, and also will decrease the dependency on energy produced by natural gas, fossil fuel and coal. NBB Group aims to create awareness from such leading causes of air and water pollution, which are endangering human life.

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