100 Mosque To Get Solar Panels In Oman In The First Year

Pastel twilight over Muscat harbour, Oman, with reflections of lights from foreshore buildings seen in the bay and mosque minarets standing out prominently.

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The Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR) to support programs and projects on alternative energy in the kingdom, recently launched a new initiative to build Green Mosques.


In the first year, the Green Mosque project will assist 100 mosques in transition to solar energy and also will provide their alternative energy needs.


The program will give investment solutions for a fee for installation and operation.

This is Oman’s first ‘green mosque’ which will be built in Seeb.

The program will also encourage mosques to adopt the use of solar energy by installing panels on roofs.

The systems will be owned by the mosque immediately after the end of the investment period agreed upon between the two parties, and this will be an important step towards achieving the directions of the Oman 2040 vision in the field of using alternative energy.

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