Bangladesh And ACWA Power In Talks For 1 GW Solar Project


Bangladesh and ACWA Power are in talks for developing a solar project for Southeast Asian countries for 1 GW capacity. This is in wake of generating electricity from clean energy sources.


Adviser to the Prime Minister, Salman Fazlur Rahman said that the country is in touch with ACWA Power to hold a 44% stake in the green hydrogen project.

“We’ve been talking with ACWA power for solar. In fact, ACWA power people were there in Bangladesh recently and they met our ministry of energy and they are negotiating a large solar project, a one-gigawatt solar project. So, that’s under negotiation. We hope to conclude it soon and they will be signing an agreement pretty soon.”


Bangladesh has already added 2.4 GW of solar projects and needs more energy to widen its economy and attract investors. The country is shifting towards renewable sources


“We are developing, with the Japanese government, a deep-sea port in Bangladesh where we are going to put an onshore LNG terminal and LPG terminal. So we are now thinking that this is the right time because this is in the planning stage that we should also have an onshore ammonia terminal,” Rahman said.

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ACWA Power is also building the kingdom’s first green hydrogen project with Air Products and NEOM.

“We are talking to ACWA power on green hydrogen as well, but that’s a longer-term project because at the moment, even that technology is not perfected yet and the cost is still pretty high,” Rahman said.


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