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KYA-Energy Installs Solar Mini-Grids in 20 Health Facilities in Togo


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Togolese solar energy start-up KYA-Energy Group has constructed solar mini-grids in 20 health facilities across the country. The project is supported by the healthcare electrification grant provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Power Africa initiative. 

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Last year, the USAID assured the $2.6 million grant to various solar energy companies in 9 sub-Saharan African countries for providing reliable, affordable off-grid electricity to 288 healthcare facilities in the region, in which KYA Energy was selected for developing solar mini-grids in several healthcare facilities across Togo. 

With a total production capacity of 40 KW, KYA-Energy has invested in the solar electrification of these 20 healthcare centers. In addition to the solar power supply, KYA Green Energy Lab has designed and assembled solar-powered automatic hand wash stations in the facilities. Cell phone charging tables are also installed by the company in the health facilities in order to generate additional income for the maintenance of the facilities, ensuring the sustainability of the equipment.

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According to the government’s reports, only 50% of the Togolese population had access to electricity. The government intends to increase this rate to 75% by 2025 and 100% by 2030. 

CEO of the KYA-Energy Group, Yao Azoumah said that the future aspect of this project is to accompany the government in leading the country towards serving its entire population with electricity and reducing environmental impact through renewable energy.

KYA Energy has developed the KYA-RetrofitKit gadget for repairing and managing non-functioning solar street lights. The solar kits of the company bring electricity directly to rural households, and it plans to build mini solar power plants for community and industrial needs.  KYA Energy is going to extend its products to school electrification, irrigation, and local agricultural processing in Togo. 

Health-care facilities require electricity for powering essential devices, medical and sterilization equipment, diagnostics, cold storage for vaccines and medication, and other life-saving technologies to enable the delivery of continuous health care. A review of many health surveys conducted across sub-Saharan Africa estimates that nearly 26% of health facilities have no access to electricity and just 28% of healthcare facilities have access to reliable electricity.

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Solar energy has great potential in expanding and improving the health care delivery system in sub-Saharan Africa. Off-grid solar technology provides clean, affordable, and smart solutions to electrify healthcare facilities that do not have easy access to national electricity grids.

The investments of USAID demonstrated the Power Africa model in action and enabled the delivery of healthcare electrification in a commercially sustainable manner, with strong private sector involvement. The Power Africa grant will not only support the electrification of rural health facilities and housing but also provide clean and renewable energy to aid the provision of clean water.

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