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Jordan And Egypt To Expand Power Capacity To 2000 MW From 500 MW


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Jordan and Egypt to expand the current electric capacity to 2000 MW from 500 MW. Governments of both countries have signed a deal to enhance the relationship between both countries.

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Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Al-Kharabsheh said, “Our relationship with Egypt is distinguished, as the electrical connection between Jordan and Egypt began in 1999, and there is an exchange of electrical energy with capacities of up to 500 megawatts, and the new agreement may raise this capacity to 1,000 or 2,000 megawatts in the future.”

“It is possible that Jordan and Egypt will eventually be able to exchange electrical energy between the countries of the region and link it to each other and with other countries such those in Europe or through Egypt to the African continent, which helps encourage and strengthen cooperation between the two countries,” he added.

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Mohamed Shaker said that Egypt has managed to grow its power capacity to a level where it can now export. Egypt plans to raise its renewable energy to 42% by 2035.

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Shaker also added that the capital of Egypt, Cairo is now working on a new link with Europe through Cyprus and Greece to strengthen its link with countries like Jordan to open the exchange capabilities.

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