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In Conversation With – Ayush Mahajan, Co-Founder and Head – Business Development, PV Diagnostics

Ayush Mahajan, Co-Founder and Head – Business Development, PV Diagnostics

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1. Kindly introduce us to the service offerings of your esteemed company

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We are a solar-tech consultancy offering services across the solar value chain. Our major services include:

Plant health check-up

The main purpose of this check-up is to assess the plant’s current health quality and identify the action plan to optimize the plant’s performance. The aspects addressed during the study are:

● Identification of reasons behind underperformance in the plant

● Identification of nature of defects in the modules contributing towards degradation

● Evaluation of the health of BoS (both civil and electrical)

● Identification of feasible solutions to improve plant’s generation

The major tests involved in this study are:

● Drone and hand-held thermography of modules and other BoS components

● Module and string IV curve measurement (for 1000 V and 1500 V system)

● EL image analysis

● PR analysis

● Visual inspection

● Inverter efficiency and THD analysis

● Insulation test, earth resistance test, and structure coating test

● Soiling analysis

● Review of O&M practices

We also focus on preliminary site data analysis to identify the key locations that might be responsible for under-performance before the site visit. The major analysis includes plant historical generation and performance analysis, PVSyst report interpretation and comparison of benchmark losses to actual losses, inverter efficiency analysis, WMS data analysis, breakdown analysis, etc. We have conducted plant health check-ups for more than 3 GW of solar power plants.

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Support during Procurement and Construction

We have the following service portfolio during the EPC phase

● Factory audits to ensure the reliability of the product for the next 25 years of the module’s life. ● Module in-production inspection to ensure that the product is being manufactured as per the quality assurance plan, bill of materials and design specifications agreed with the manufacturer and the dispatch products are healthy.

● Finished goods inspection to ensure that the product dispatched is healthy, without damages, and as per the pre-agreed quality assurance plan.

● Transportation damage assessment

● Post-installation module quality assessment to identify any damages due to mishandling of the modules during installation

● Plant construction monitoring to ensure that all the designs are in line with the on-site designing and quality control during installation and commissioning as an Owner’s Engineer.

Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence is conducted to understand the different technical, operations, management, and future revenue scope of the plant to analyze and estimate the OPEX, CAPEX, and revenue generation from the solar asset underbidding.

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The study focuses on

● Healthiness assessment of on-site testing of modules and other BoS components

● Complete plant design, documentation, data review, and technical assessment

● A detailed review of SCADA functioning

● Review of O&M practices

● Inverter efficiency measurements

● PR analysis

2. What are the differentiating factors for your company with respect to competition?

● In addition to the standard offerings, we add components of automation and analytics in our services, leading to better insights in the final reports.

● Our services are highly customizable based on our customer’s requirements which helps us in improving and developing our services.

3. How does PV Diagnostics integrate microservices along the solar value chain? What products do you have for the same?

We have developed multiple microservices that can be integrated with the existing CMS of the developers. These micro-services go beyond the regular monitoring and are available up to the string level and enable the digitization of the diagnostics at the component level.

Additionally, we are regularly adding more micro-services to ensure that the latest technological developments are included. For example, tracker efficiency measurement, bifacial module incremental generation, etc.

4. How do you see solar technology evolving in the coming years?

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Over the previous decade, we have seen plain vanilla solar power plant integration. These power plants are intermittent in nature. The next decade is going to be about making solar and other clean energy resources into a round-the-clock and reliable supply of electricity.

5. What are your plans for the next year 2022?

● We are expanding in other geographies outside India like South-East Asia and Middle- East 

● We are also working towards increasing our service portfolio to multiple segments like energy storage, hybrid plants, etc

● We will be rolling out our products for diagnostics and performance improvement which has been under testing for some time now.

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