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Zimplats to Invest in 185 MWp of Solar Power Zimbabwe Under a Major Capex Plan


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Zimbabwe’s largest platinum producer, Zimplats will soon deploy two solar power plants with a generation capacity of 185 MWp for its mining operations.

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Zimplats plans to invest up to USD 201 million to build its solar power facilities, under an investment strategy set to finance about USD 1.8 billion in capital projects over a 10-year period.

The Zimbabwean subsidiary of South African mining company Impala Platinum, Zimplats aims to rely on solar power to expand its mining operations in the country, upgrading its sites and maintaining its production levels. The budget approved by the Board of Directors will aid in the development of solar power plants near Ngezi mine and Selous complex, both located in Mashonaland West province. 

Zimplats has already submitted applications for the approval of the project to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). The project involves the deployment of two solar PV plants, with the larger one of 105 MWp capacity to be installed in the Ngezi mine to support mining operations and power concentrators. The second power plant with a capacity of about 80 MWp will be developed near Selous town where it will power a smelter and concentrator.

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Zimplats CEO Alex Mhembere said the rollout of the investment strategy began in 2021, with USD 1.2 billion already approved for implementation. The projects, including those which are in process of being approved, will concentrate on maintaining current production levels through mine replacements and upgrades at a cost of USD 516 million. 

The solar power plants will strengthen Zimplats’ energy autonomy. Impala Platinum group also plans to invest in a facility to reduce SO2 from its industrial processes, as a part of its sustainability strategy.

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