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Rooftop PV Plant for Tunisian Cheese Company


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Tunisian company Solar Energy Systems (SES) and German EPC Kraftwerk Renewable Power Solutions have developed an 85 kWp solar power plant for a cheese-making dairy in Tunisia. The cheese company named ‘Centrale de Produits Laitier-Souani (CPL Souani), located in Tebourba now has a grid-connected solar power plant for their own energy consumption.

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CPL Souani is a family-owned and managed enterprise renowned for the European cheese variety, operating in the Tunisian market. The roof-top solar PV system will cover up to 60% of the electricity requirement of the cheese factory during the day. This will reduce the electricity consumption from the grid by more than 30% per year, according to the project developers. The system is also expected to reduce the cheese company’s annual CO2 emissions by approximately 70 tons.

The financing facility for the installation of the PV plant is provided by UIB, the SUNREF program partner bank in Tunisia. The plant will also receive an investment subsidy from the Tunisian government’s National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME).

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Mohamed Saleh Gahbiche, the CEO of Souani group said they opted for solar energy because the cheese industry and other activities of the group cannot afford prolonged power outages, as the cost of energy has gone unreasonably high.

CEO of SES, Ali Kanzari said that the project will serve as a good example for industries and private operators in Tunisia, avoiding reluctance for investment in renewable energy. The abundant solar irradiation and good framework conditions in the country make for promising prospects for the concept of decentralized solar power plants.

Roman Brinzanik, Director of New Markets at Kraftwerk, noted the project as their first ‘reference’ PV installation in the country and their company is proud to contribute to Tunisia’s energy transition.

The Kraftwerk-Solar Energy System strategic partnership has formed in 2020 to develop and implement customized solar energy solutions for self-consumption aimed at the commercial and industrial sector in Tunisia. The partnership focuses on cost-efficient and reliable PV customers that work within Tunisian regulations.

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The solar power plant for CPL Souani is part of the worldwide ‘Renewable Energy Solutions Programme’ which is coordinated by the German Energy Agency, Dena (Deutsche Energie-Agentur) and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. This project reflects how self-energy production can help the bottom line for a company, decarbonize the business and address the country’s climate change challenges.

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