Hero Future Energies and Ohmium International Partner for 1000 MW of Green Hydrogen


Hero Future Energies and Ohmium International, a company specialized in the design, manufacture, and deployment of PEM Electrolysers, have announced a strategic partnership to develop and build 1000 MW of Green Hydrogen production facilities in India, the UK and Europe.


Ohmium will be responsible for the design, construction, and operations and maintenance of the hydrogen production facilities. Hero Future Energies will be the Build – Operate – Own partner, generating green energy to power the production facilities and assuming overall ownership of the assets.


“We are very pleased to partner with Ohmium – their patented electrolyser technology enables them to design and construct hydrogen production facilities faster and more efficiently than anyone else. By coupling Ohmium’s hydrogen expertise with HFE’s knowledge and experience as a Renewable Energy developer, we will meet and perhaps even exceed our ambitious target of 1000 MW”, said Srivatsan Iyer, Global CEO, Hero Future Energies.


“This partnership will give a strong push to the development of a robust Green Hydrogen Ecosystem. As countries and businesses strive to achieve their net zero goals, Green Hydrogen can be a potential game changer, particularly when it comes to decarbonization in hard-to-abate sectors such as the mobility sector. This is a forward-looking partnership which is perfectly aligned with HFE’s vision as an integrated energy transition solutions provider. It will enable us to expand our international footprint as we penetrate new markets,” he added.

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Arne Ballantine, CEO, Ohmium International said “This giga-scale effort between Hero Future Energies and Ohmium is going to advance the global Green Hydrogen landscape. Hero Future Energies is one of the leaders and innovators in renewable energy, with a proven track record of success. Together we’ll bring safe, secure and cost-effective green hydrogen energy to not only India, but also the world.”

Hydrogen is an essential element used in steel and chemical production, fertilizer production, refineries, and many other processes. The majority of hydrogen is made from fossil fuels, making it a heavy carbon polluter. Cost effective green hydrogen – no-carbon hydrogen made from water electrolysis using renewable energy sources – is now possible with the latest cost reductions in renewable energy and Ohmium’s technology solutions.

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