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Egypt To Have 10 GW Of RE Capacity By 2023


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Egypt to have 10 GW capacity of new and renewable energy (solar and wind) by 2023 as per Mohamed Shaker, the Minister of electrical energy and renewable power.


By the end of 2022, the renewable energy share of the country will be 20% of the total capacity generated. Currently, the country generates around 6000 MW from renewables.

According to studies, the renewable energy share of Egypt will be more than 42% by 2035. It will raise the production capacity of Sudan from 80 MW to 300 MW

“There is cooperation with a number of international companies to start studies for the implementation of pilot projects for the production of green hydrogen in Egypt,” he added.

Recently, Egypt received offers to use renewable energy for seawater-desalination projects said the minister of electricity and renewable energy of the country. The Minister didn’t reveal the name of the companies.

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