Solar Energy Is Substantial For Oman – Study


A recent study shows that both wind and solar can be substantial and promising alternative sources of energy resources in Oman with almost 3.2% and 4.4% of the Omani territory being valid for sustainable use of wind and solar radiation, respectively.


The best localities for the development of hybrid solar radiation generation centers are likely to be placed in Sohar and Thumrayt, where solar intensity approaches 8.1 kWh/m2, with a high frequency of occurrence throughout the year.

The study titled ‘Exploring the potential of solar, tidal, and wind energy resources in Oman using an integrated climatic-socioeconomic approach’ by Dr. Mohamed Eldesoky Hereher, assistant professor, Geography Department, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) shows the bright future of solar and wind energy in the country.


In another recent report, Oman was ranked 3rd in the renewable energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, 15th within emerging economies, and 38th in the world.

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