MNRE Invites Proposals for Pilot Demonstration of Innovative Solar Applications


Under the ambit of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM), MNRE in partnership with GIZ is inviting ideas (Ideas@75) for pilot demonstration of New and innovative solar applications under the bilateral project titled Innovative Solar Areas (IN-Solar).


The last date to submit the proposals is 28 April 2022.

The objective of the IN-Solar project is to find innovative ways for expanding the application of photovoltaic to optimize the use of land.


Proposals/Ideas are invited from participants to implement the ideas that are technically viable but need pilots to access their technical performance and financial assessment. Only those participants shall participate in the idea challenge who are willing to implement/pilot their ideas on the ground if selected under the challenge.


To identify ideas which can be funded for pilot, an idea challenge with following thematic area is floated by MNRE. Within the above overall objective, the themes under which the participants shall submit the idea are:

  1. Solar PV installation on innovative sites e.g. waste landfill, closed mines etc.
  2. Vertical installation of solar PV e.g. building integrated solar, solar for fencing, road side PV, agro PV etc.
  3. Decentralized innovative solar application e.g. PVT for cooling, cold storage,
  4. Green hydrogen-based applications
  5. Any other innovative application of Solar PV
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The participants can submit their application only under one theme.

Organizations eligible to participate are:

  1. A company/start-up incorporated under the companies act
  2. Research Institutions/NGO/Academic institutions/ Societies registered under the society act.
  3. Foreign companies/ Research Institution in Partnership with Indian company/ Research Institutions/NGO/Academic institutions/ Societies.

A committee consisting of a representative from MNRE, NISE and GIZ will evaluate the proposal submitted by the participants.

The winner will be provided with a maximum of 200,000 Euro (for procurement of materials) to implement the pilot project. The duration for the pilot implementation would be no more than 6 months from the formal signing of the agreement.

The participant needs to clearly define the commercial interest/other interest for carrying out the pilot project. It is expected from the participant to also invest soft components (manpower/land/etc.) for the project.

The shortlisted participants would be required to make a presentation. The results and score would be announced further to which GIZ will enter into contract with individual winner to disburse the grant for the pilot project.

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