RASLAG III, A 18.011MWp Solar PV Plant In Philippines To Double Its Portfolio To 41.198MWp

RASLAG III, A 18.011MWp Solar PV Plant In Philippines To Double Its Portfolio To 41.198MWp

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RASLAG III 18.011MWp Solar PV Plant Project is closer to fruition with a target commercial operations date of May 16, 2022, in the Philippines, to double its portfolio to 41.198MWp.


The generation will be initially offered to the WESM as a merchant plant, then venture out its supply to a different market sector like distribution utilities and electric cooperatives for the RPS compliance, and the Green Energy Auction Program (GEAP). With different target markets available, the Company will surely look into an option that will be beneficial for both the stockholders and the Company itself.

Notable things to consider is the quick Solar Panel Installation from the previous 10% of December 2021 to 100% complete as of March 26, 2022, and as for the Main Control Building and Substation closer to being completed the total project completion is 85.96% as of April 1, 2022.

Staying true to its vision of lighting the future with renewables, the capacity can supply over 26,082 MWh of solar power per year, capable of powering 16,200 homes.

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This generated capacity is equivalent to 58,000 barrels of fuel oil, which can displace displacing 19,800 tons of CO2 emissions annually or about 118,800 mature trees. While also giving the power back into the hands of the people, the Company pursued to allocate hundreds of job opportunities in the community where its Plants are located.

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