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Israel To Generate 30% Its Energy Need From Renewable Sources By 2030


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Israel is seeking to increase its solar power by more than double by 2025. The government wants to produce 30% of Israel’s energy from renewable sources by the end, and 70% from natural gas by this decade’s end.


According to Israel’s electricity ministry and power authority, the installed capacity of renewable energy will increase from 3.7 GW last year to 7.4 GW by mid-decade. Solar panels will account for the majority of this increase.

The government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett committed to net zero emissions by 2050, ahead of last year’s COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Israel has been consuming more gas over the past few years, which has allowed it to reduce its dependence on coal. However, it is still lagging behind when it comes to renewable energy. 

According to the energy ministry, renewable energy will make up less than 10% of Israel’s energy needs by 2021. The new plan includes suggestions to increase storage capacity.

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“The integrative operative plan will be reviewed against the objectives on an ongoing basis and updated accordingly. Success in meeting renewable energy targets depends on the implementation of the policy measures outlined in the operational plan, and requires close governmental cooperation,” stated the ministry.

In February 2022, the Environmental Protection Ministry of the country recommended increasing the national renewable share to 30% to 40% by 2030. There was potential to deploy approximately 20 GW solar.

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