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Jinko Solar’s Second Factory In China To Be Exclusively Powered By Renewable Energy


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As part of JinkoSolar’s ongoing commitment to the Climate Group’s RE100 initiative, the Chuxiong facility has become JinkoSolar’s second 100% renewable electricity-powered plant following the Leshan facility. The Chuxiong cell factory’s electricity comes from many sources including offsite solar and local hydro, as well as planned on-site PV arrays that are installed on the rooftops.


Chuxiong plans to go beyond 100% use of renewable energy in its sustainability ambitions, maximizing efficiency by implementing a number of unique energy saving measures, including management systems to reduce usage levels, a monitoring system tracking real-time consumption and an upgrade of existing equipment to the latest cutting-edge alternatives.

Moving forward, a measurement system will be designed to quantify the carbon footprint of the company’s operations and supply chain, again enhancing overall sustainability.

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