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We Have Continuously Innovated The Smart PV Solution With String Inverters As The Core, Promoting The Digital And Intelligent Transformation Of The PV Industry: Victor Koyier – Executive Manager-Business Development, Huawei

Victor Koyier - Executive Manager-Business Development, Huawei

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In an exciting interview with SolarQuarter Africa magazine,  Victor Koyier – Executive Manager-Business Development, Huawei spoke about the key developments at their company and briefed us about the highlights and advantages of FusionSolar Smart PV solutions. He also told us about the tech trends we are likely to see in the near future and their plans for expanding the product portfolio and market share.


How is the year 2022 progressing for Huawei in the African region? Any key developments?

Huawei Smart PV business in Huawei Southern Africa region continues to grow rapidly this year, and its annual revenue is expected to increase by more than double. In the Utility scenario, we will work with our clients to build a showcase solar plant with an energy storage system in Ghana.  In the C&I scenario, Huawei will continue to maintain its leading position and distribute more than 400 MW through channel partners. In the residential scenario, we expect to provide our Fusionsolar residential solution to more than 10,000 households, helping them obtain a stable, green power supply and a good home electricity experience.

In addition, we will launch a next-generation Micro-grid solution this year, to help customers in Africa (such as campuses, hotels, universities, etc.) improve power outages and reduce diesel generator usage.

Please tell our readers about the FusionSolar Smart PV solutions provided by your esteemed company. What are their key highlights and advantages?

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Over the past decade, we have continuously innovated the smart PV solution with string inverters as the core, promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the PV industry. On the power generation side, new ICT technologies such as AI and cloud are further integrated with PV to build a smart PV plant capable of safe, reliable, and efficient power generation, intelligent O&M, and grid forming. On the power consumption side, Huawei has launched the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) solution for enterprises, enabling reduced power consumption costs and providing active safety, and the Residential solution for households, which generates clean energy for a zero-carbon life. This is in addition to our smart string energy storage system solutions which overcome the consistency and reliability problems inherent to lithium batteries. With a modular design, the new smart string energy storage system increases the discharge capacity, reduces O&M costs, ensures safety and reliability, maximizes investment returns, and achieves a 20% reduction in LCOS (Levelised Cost of Storage).

What updates/additions are you planning to your product portfolio for this year?

  • Driven by the goal of carbon neutrality, our focus is on further innovation as well as the integration of information and energy flows to create greater value for customers in the future. 
  • The first and most important factor is core technologies, including Power Electronics technologies and Digital Technologies. 
  • AI, cloud, and connectivity, what we called Digital Technologies, are something that Huawei has been investing in for the past 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, power electronics technology has also been stockpiled, including semiconductor materials and power electronics semiconductor devices such as SiC and GaN.
  • We bring these two types of technology together to support the overall solutions above.
  • In addition, we have five major enabling platforms, a smart string controller, a smart module controller, BMS, a communication platform, and a software algorithm platform to form all our products. 
  • With these products, we can apply them in five major scenarios, Smart PV&ESS Generator, Smart String ESS, C&I Smart PV Solution, Residential Smart PV Solution, and Smart Micro-Grid Solution, in which we all combine PV and energy storage.    
  • Above all, we have an energy management cloud which is a Professional Energy PaaS and SaaS Platform. Our partners can also use it to manage all equipment with high efficiency.
  • Being a technology leader, according to you, what inverter technology trends are we likely to see in the near future?
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The key to carbon neutrality is to build a new power system based on new energy sources. We believe that the new power system has the following main characteristics:

1. High proportion of renewable energy.

2. High-proportion power electronic equipment.

3. Highly digital and intelligent.

What are your plans for growth and development in 2022 in terms of new products, market share, etc.?

Our first strategy is to replace fossil fuels (such as coal and oil) with clean energy such as solar, wind, nuclear, and hydropower. Secondly, electrification on the energy consumption end is also a trend that we embark on. Our third strategy is to enable the digital transformation of the energy industry, which reduces power generation costs, increases energy efficiency, and provides greener and safer energy. In the meantime, we will integrate generation, grid, load, and storage with digital technologies to build a new power system with renewable energy as the primary source, as well as for our work on low-carbon campuses and cities.

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