World Bank Side Event at ADB-ACEF 2022 on 14 June 2022

World Bank Side Event at ADB-ACEF 2022 on 14 June 2022

At the ADB – Asia Clean Energy Forum 2022, a Side Event (New Business Models for Rooftop Solar Penetration in SMEs and Residential Sector) is organised on 14th June 2022 at 05:30 PM IST by The World Bank to share the recent developments witnessed in India as regards implementation of new and innovative business models and mitigating options for financing barriers besides sharing of international experience in implementing Rooftop Solar (RTS) in MSMEs and residential sector.


The side event will feature eminent speakers from MNRE, the World Bank, SBI, DISCOMs, Financing Institution / NBFC, International Experts who will share their rich experience and discuss potential key interventions that could enable an accelerated deployment of rooftop solar in India in these two key sectors.


The key messages will inspire national and international stakeholders and encourage them to adopt and adapt these business models in order to accelerate RTS implementation in developing countries.


The primary goals of the event are:

  1. Progress on the implementation of Rooftop Solar Programme in India, financing, and implementation. It will also discuss emerging and successful business models for accelerating rooftop solar deployments in India
  2. Challenges constraining uptake of rooftop solar by MSMEs and mitigating financial solutions and guarantee framework
  3. International experience on successful business models for community rooftop solar implementation in residential sector
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Low penetration of Solar Rooftops in MSMEs can be attributed to several factors. These include high upfront costs, inability or inability to borrow due to poor credit ratings, regulatory uncertainty and low awareness. These barriers will be addressed at the event, which will encourage MSMEs to adopt solar roofs.

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