Servotech Tests Solar Monitoring Device Along with PV Port in Germany

Servotech Tests Solar Monitoring Device Along with PV Port in Germany

Servotech Power Systems, a Delhi based firm in collaboration with the German Development Agency, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), has created a unique solar performance monitoring & control device. 


The ComPort device has been successfully tested at the EUREF Campus in Berlin, Germany. ComPort is a revolutionary innovation in its class. It can be integrated into any Domestic Offgrid/HyBrid system to make it a smart solar system. A portable solar system, the PV Port, has also been installed on the same campus.


This mobile app-controlled device, which was specifically designed to help users become more aware of how their solar systems are performing, can provide a variety of system insights. This innovation was inspired by a variety of researches that point to the fact that most solar systems are underperforming.


The intelligent app for IoT enabled ComPort helps identify defects, send notifications, diagnose issues and suggest O&M tasks. With constant monitoring, anomalies and underperformance can be identified proactively. ComPort significantly reduces the chance of a system malfunctioning.

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This device can monitor, control and report on input/output voltage and battery charge/discharge. It also has the ability to generate solar power. The app can also keep track of previous results so that you can compare them. This device can be installed in any domestic solar system and is DIY-concept. It can also be used to connect data interfaces with third-party O&M companies for the analysis and combining of data.

Conversely, the development of the PV Port & Comport is a project under a bilateral Indo-German program implemented by the GIZ. It will contribute to the wider implementation of solar in India and Germany, especially for the urban PV. The event was notably attended by German Green politician Bettina Jarasch, Deputy Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection, who quoted, “At least 10 PV port should be installed at Friedrich Strasse (Frederick Street) to reduce public car traffic and enable a public free solar-powered charging station.” 

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Raman Bhatia, Servotech’s Founder, and Managing Director, commented that ComPort is a unique instrument that can be used with any hybrid or off-grid inverter. This will enable users who have already applied solar solutions to make the most of these systems. This device is ideal for optimising solar system performance. It has features such as remote power scheduling and DIY installation. We have filed multiple patents to the device.

Joerg Gaebler, GIZ’s Principal Advisor, stated that “the Pilot PV Port, now installed and commissioned by EUREF-Campus, will allow further study of the installation and operation of urban PVs across different user groups, contributing to the global effort against climate change, and dependence on fossil fuels.”

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