TEDA To Set Up Solar Powered Charging Station at Tamil Nadu Secretariat


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Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) would be setting up solar powered charging stations, one at the Secretariat and another at the DPI campus in Nungambakkam. 


These charging stations would cost one crore and would be funded through Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiatives (TANII). After all necessary orders have been passed, TANII will release the funds.

The charging stations would be operational by the end of year.

According to a TEDA official, the initiative aims to encourage private players to use solar power to install charging stations in public places.

These two spots were chosen because they are home to many government vehicles, in addition to private vehicles.

The official stated that “This facility is unique and on par with international models established in countries such as Denmark, Germany, UAE, Asia Pacific, and Asia Pacific.”

These solar-powered charging stations have a 100kW capacity and can charge up to 15 vehicles at once. Stations would look like a car shed, with solar panels on its roof. The panels would be connected with the grid so that vehicles can be charged at any time.

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The stations would have different types of charging guns such as CCS 2 and ChadeMo to make them usable for all types of e-vehicles. E-bikes and scooters too can be charged at these stations and both slow and fast chargers would be available for vehicles,” said the TEDA official.

Eight Metro stations in the city have charging points for electric vehicles, including Nandanam, Anna Nagar East, and Koyambedu. TEDA already has a solar-powered charging station in front of the EVK Sampath Building, which is TEDA’s office, on the DPI campus. It has a 25kW capacity. This is the state’s first and only solar-powered charging station. The charging station proposed would be installed at a different location on the same campus. Officials from TEDA also confirmed that the spot had been identified by the Secretariat.

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