UBE Group Closes The Deal To Acquire Ubon Solar Entering The Floating Solar Cell Business

UBE Group Closes The Deal To Acquire Ubon Solar Entering The Floating Solar Cell Business

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Ubon Bio Ethanol Plc. (UBE) by Ubon Bio Agriculture Co., Ltd. (UBA), a subsidiary organic farming business And take care of the land management of the group of companies. Spending a budget of 82.41 million baht to acquire Ubon Solar Co., Ltd. The company produces and sells electricity from solar energy with a capacity of 2.83 megawatts according to the strategic plan to build energy strength. by generating clean energy from the sun circulating within the group of companies Meet the solution of stepping into an organization that uses clean energy to help reduce global warming. and reduce electricity costs by more than 9 million baht per year


Ms Sureeyot Kousurat, President of Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited or UBE, a major integrated cassava producer and processor in Thailand, revealed that UBA, a subsidiary of have acquired Ubon Solar Co., Ltd. Producer and distributor of solar power from Baywa R.E. Solar Pte. Ltd., a company registered in Singapore. with a trading value of 82.41 million baht

“Success in the acquisition of Ubon Solar Co., Ltd. This marks another important jigsaw puzzle in building comprehensive, renewable energy security in addition to several projects the UBE Group has undertaken previously. which is the use of waste from the production process to create renewable energy This time is to create clean energy from the sun. Make the most of the internal space. It can help reduce the cost of electricity used in the production process by approximately 9 million baht per year. It will enhance the capacity of UBE Group to generate more than 10 megawatts of electricity per hour. from renewable energy To achieve the goal of using 100% clean energy,” said Ms Sureeyot.

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The UBE Group aims to generate 100% of its own renewable energy for the entire group in order to reduce energy costs and reduce dependence on external energy. Including creating the stability of the power system coupled with sustainable environmental stewardship This is consistent with the implementation of the ESG business framework that takes into account the environment (Environment), society (Social) and corporate governance (Governance) in focusing on the valuable use of resources. effective and maintain the natural environment that is affected by the Group’s business operations.

In addition, UBE Group operates in biogas and electricity production. by using raw materials which are by-products from ethanol and cassava starch production processes This is another business practice that will help reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy use. Currently, there are 3 biogas plants, namely, a biogas plant with MUR (Methane Upflow Reactor) system operated by UBE. Biogas with UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) system, generating 1.9 MW of electricity and CLBR (Covered Lagoon Bio-Reactor) biogas plant, generating 5.6 MW of electricity, operated by Ubon Sunflower Co., Ltd. (UBS) which can reduce costs in the production process and increase the income for the group of companies in another way as well as helping to enhance the stability of the country’s power system And it is a business that is environmentally friendly.

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