Somabay And TAQA Arabia Inaugurates A 5MW PV Solar Plant

TAQA Arabia along with Abu Soma Development Company celebrate the inauguration of a 5MW PV Solar Power plant built by TAQA Arabia in Egypt Prime touristic destination "Somabay".

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Somabay and TAQA Arabia inaugurates a 5MW PV Solar Plant. This plant is owned by TAQA Arabia which is an energy and utility provider in Egypt. The PV station was inaugurated in Abu Soma by Chairman of Abu Soma Tourism Development Company, Mr. Osama Salh, CEO of TAQA Arabia, Ms. Pakinam Kafafi, CEO of Abu Soma Tourism Development Company, Mr. Ibrahim El-Missiri, and Executive Chairman of TAQA Arabia, Khaled AbuBakr. The companies also signed a new deal for the construction of a water treatment & desalination plant to meet the resort’s water needs with the help of solar energy.


The agreement was signed in the presence of the Major General, Ihab Raafat, Mr. Nabeel al-Amudi, the Red Sea Governor, Olayan Financing Company’s CEO, Ms. Deema Abuughazaleh, and other Olayan representatives in Egypt.


The agreement for the PV solar station was signed nine months ago. TAQA Arabia was able to execute the project within the timeframe. The project will generate solar electricity and expand the use renewables to reduce dependence on conventional electricity. It also aims to lower the cost of electricity, increase efficiency, and minimize carbon footprint.

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Mr Osama Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Soma Tourism Development Company stated “Soma Bay’s vision is aligned with Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development, having one of its main pillars the transformation of clean energy and the development of the green economy”.

From his side Eng. Khaled AbuBakr, Executive Chairman of TAQA Arabia, said, “The new venture is another step towards the country’s vision of diversifying the energy sources and expanding the use of renewable energy resources.

Eng. Ibrahim El-Missiri, CEO of Abu Soma Tourism Development Company, said, “I’m proud to witness the success of the PV solar station project in collaboration with our outstanding partner TAQA Arabia. This exquisite project comes in alignment with Somabay’s vision of sustainable development, as the project will largely reduce operational costs on the long run.”

He also added: “Our primary objective is to generate the required power using solar energy to reduce electricity and water desalination costs. this project will greatly contribute to the expansion of the energy spectrum in the tourism sector to include renewable resources, all of these endeavors aligns with Egypt’s vision to explore and diversify the energy resources.”

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Pakinam Kafafi, the CEO of TAQA Arabia stated that TAQA Arabia will set up a water treatment and desalination plant on Somabay to further complement the mutual vision for sustainable development between TAQA Arabia & Somabay. The plant will use the electricity generated by the PV solar station and the most recent energy saving technology to reduce the energy consumption. TAQA Arabia, a full-service utility and energy provider, has been a pioneer in combining water desalination projects with renewable energy. This is to ensure maximum sustainability.

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