SirajPower Inks 10-Year Deal To Develop Unique, Fully Financed Solar-Diesel Battery Project

SirajPower Inks 10 Year Deal To Develop Unique, Fully Financed Solar-Diesel Battery Project

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SirajPower, the UAE’s leading distributed Solar energy provider, will provide its services to Cleanco Waste Treatment, an Abu Dhabi-based environmental service provider.


SirajPower under this agreement will develop a fully-financed 2 MVA solar-diesel battery. Cleanco will benefit from this solution, which combines solar PV, a diesel generator and a battery in a hybrid system. 

The signing ceremony took place at SirajPower’s office in Dubai Investment Park in the presence of Dr. Khalid Khouri, CEO of Cleanco, & Sultan Khouri, CEO of Cleanco, Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Chairman of SirajPower, and Laurent Longuet, CEO of SirajPower.

“As a result, CWT’s currently diesel-powered waste treatment plant will be able to reduce its fuel consumption, operational expenditures, and carbon footprint to ultimately benefit the UAE’s sustainable vision with no upfront investment,” a statement said. 

“SirajPower is one of the few companies operating in the GCC offering and implementing comprehensive hybrid solar energy solutions to the clients,” said Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Chairman of the company. 

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“Today’s announcement of this distinctive hybrid solution that combines solar, diesel, and batteries is a demonstration of Siraj Power’s commitment to develop and offer a unique, clean energy solution to suit the commercial, industrial and residential needs across the GCC.”

He added, “As a dynamic solution, and one that is distinctive across global markets, our hybrid offering will enable Cleanco to maximise its savings, while minimising its diesel consumption. Similarly, SirajPower is dedicated to contributing to the UAE’s sustainable vision, while simultaneously demonstrating our expertise as a global leader in the provision of clean energy solutions.

Dr Khalid Khouri, CEO of Cleanco said, “Since its inception in 1980, Cleanco has been striving to consistently provide our clients with top-tier solutions, state-of-the-art facilities, and operations that align with international best practices. Our newly formed partnership with SirajPower will ensure that these values are upheld for years to come, in an elevated capacity.”

“Safe waste management and disposal is an essential component of ensuring fewer waste materials go to the general waste stream, and more importantly reducing negative impacts on the environment. SirajPower’s involvement will accordingly help us satisfy both our clients’ needs and the UAE’s environmental objectives,” he added.

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