NTPC Floats Tender For Supply of Bifacial PV Modules for 735 MW Solar Project


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NTPC has published a request to submit proposals for a solar photovoltaic module package for the 735 MW (3*245MW) Nokh Solar Project in Rajasthan.


Project scope of work includes manufacturing, supply and packing, forwarding and transportation to Nokh site. Inland transit insurance for crystalline bifacial photovoltaic module with a minimum nominal rating (530 W) and a maximum rating (560 W) is also included.


Modules must comply with the DCR’s domestic content guidelines. The package will be funded by NTPC through its resources. The deadline for submitting bids is July 28, 2022. Bidders will need to pay Rs 22,500 for the document fee.

The tender guidelines state that the winning bidders will be awarded the package in four categories, each with different module capacities.

Bidders who submit bids for a module capacity of 152 MW are required to pay Rs 50 million. Rs 100 million is required for a module capacity of 304 MW (152MW*2); Rs 200 million for module capacities of 456 MW (152MW*3) and 608 (152MW*4).

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Only “Class-local suppliers” will be eligible to submit bids for the tender. Bidders must have produced and supplied solar PV modules of a cumulative capacity at least 40 MW before the bid opening date. At least one supply order must be for a project of at most 10 MW.

Last month A wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC, NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC Renewables) has issued a call for bids for a 500 MW STU-connected solar project in Bhadla, Rajasthan, for the balance of system (BoS) package, which excludes transmission system and land.

The bidder will be liable for the project’s operation and maintenance (O&M) for 3 years beginning with the date of commissioning.

The last date for proposal submissions is July 14, 2022, which will be opened on the same day. Bidders must furnish bid security in the amount of Rs 100 million.

NTPC Renewable Energy will supply the bidder with the land for park development, including the lease and all necessary permissions and approvals.

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