Nearly 92% Will Be Achieved By 2030 Through Renewable Energy Generation Projects In Middle Eastern Countries – Report


According to a Global Energy Monitor report, nearly 92% will be achieved by 2030 through renewable energy generation projects in Middle Eastern countries. Currently, these countries generate over 12 gigatonnes of solar and wind energy.


The clean energy initiative of the Arab League promised to double the region’s renewable power generation capacity by 2030 from 12 gigatonnes to 80 gigatonnes.


According to the report, Arab countries are building solar and wind power plants with a total capacity of 73.4 gigatonnes. This is almost five times the Middle East’s current renewable energy production capacity.


These projects include 45 wind power plants as well as 114 solar power plants.

According to the report, Egypt produced the most renewable energy in the region with 3.5 gigatonnes. Next came the UAE with 2.6 gigatonnes and Morocco with 1.9 gigatonnes. Jordan had 1.7 gigatonnes and Saudi Arabia 0.78 Gigatonnes.

With 2.6 gigatonnes, the UAE is leading the region in utility-scale solar energy production.

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Egypt is the region’s leader in wind power, producing 1.6 gigatonnes worth of electricity from wind farms. Morocco, Algeria, and Oman are all pursuing over 39.7 gigatonnes of potential solar and wind projects.

The report concluded that these countries will be the top producers of renewable energy in the near future.

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