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CERC Allows Delayed Application For Issuance Of REC To Grace Infrastructure And Leo Fastners


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In a recent order, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) approved delayed application for issuance of renewable energy certificate (REC) by National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC) for the energy injected during Aug 2019 to Nov 2020 and Nov 2019 to Nov 2021 respectively.

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The petitioners i.e. Grace Infrastructure and Leo Fasteners injected renewable energy to NLDC grid from Aug 2019 to Nov 2020 and Nov 2019 to Nov 2021 from their 51.5MW and 4MW wind power assets respectively. Both the petitioners, certified REC traders, delayed in submission of application for issuance of REC in respect to injected energy from Aug 2019 to Nov 2020 and Nov 2019 to Nov 2021.

The reasons for delayed application by the petitioners are given below.

1.Demerger of parent company and the associated compliances like audit , other due diligence etc.

2.Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent opening of offices in a staggered way with 25% employee.

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3. Delay in receiving Energy Injection Report (EIR) from NLDC for which there was delay in physical submission of application requesting for issuance of REC.

Project IdentificationPendingRECNo of days of delay as of 15.03.2020
Grace 008Aug 19 to Nov 20201656815 days
Lfast 001Nov 19 to Nov 20205836

After receiving request from both the petitioner, the respondent, NLDC agreed to no objection towards the approval of delayed submission of application for REC.

Commission’s Analysis & Order

After analyzing all submission from petitioners and reviewing relevant provisions of procedure for issuance of RECs to the eligible entity by central agency, the commission approved delayed submission for issuance of REC toward energy injected in the stipulated time period.

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