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7 Medical Colleges and 32 DHH’s To Get Rooftop Solar Power Setup in Odisha


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7 medical colleges across the Odisha state will have rooftop solar projects. 32 district headquarters hospitals (DHH) in the state will also be getting them. It will be mounted on rooftops of hospitals and health institutions as part of the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) programme by the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA).

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The Health and Family Welfare department has requested the director of health services (DHS) and the director of medical education (DMET), to provide the consolidated building-wise details necessary to finalise the solar power plant capacity required for participation in OREDA’s RESCO programme to develop grid-connected solar rooftop energy plants.

Rooftop solar projects in hospitals will be possible under the SuBaH scheme of the RESCO programme. It will provide green power for the 32 DHHs and 7 medical colleges, as well as reducing electricity costs. OREDA will invite bids in RESCO mode to select solar power developers.

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According to an official communication from OREDA to the health department, “We are currently assessing the site-wise possible capacity for different buildings based upon the available roof area and electricity consumption pattern. We also consider regulatory provisions to facilitate bidders.”

These were the SCB medical college, hospital (MCH), Cuttack and MKCG MCH Berhampur. VIMSAR Burla was also involved. These MCHs will have solar plants set up on their rooftops, as well as 32 DHHs throughout the state.

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