Introducing Ecoppia’s H4 Cleaning Robot with Helix Technology 


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    One of the biggest challenges for solar sites O&M in the Middle East is ensuring that modules are kept clean to maximize efficiency and energy production. The magnitude of the large sites with thousands of MW and long rows means that manual solutions are out of the question when it comes to optimizing energy production on this scale. Overcoming the extreme heat, dust storms and significant accumulation of dust, which compounds the challenge, site managers must look at autonomous solutions if they want their sites to profit. 


    Because of these unique complexities, Ecoppia has recently launched the H4 – an innovative waterless robotic cleaning solution made specifically to tackle these issues. With effective cleaning at the heart of H4, the latest Ecoppia technology features a helix design, which prevents heavy dust accumulation with the robot moving horizontally, while the microfiber dusters clean vertically, in a spiral-like motion. This ensures that dust particles do not accumulate and instead, they are moved downwards and off the surface of the module altogether. The robot has a Super Duster Mode, a turbo mode to deal with extreme soiling events. In addition, with its flexible configuration, the H4 provides an extended cleaning coverage area of up to 2KM, ideal for large-scale parks with rows stretching many kilometers. 

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      Ecoppia’s H4 cleaning robotic solution with Helix Technology

    With the highest rates of reliability and proven safety demonstrated from nearly a decade of operation in the Middle East and other locations, Ecoppia developed the H4 with safety and reliability at its core. To preserve the anti-reflective coating (ARC), the H4 features 3 layers of microfiber dusters, made of polyester and polyamide, proven to best protect the delicate coating. Catering to the Middle East’s extreme heat, the H4 typically runs at night and uses safe batteries that can withstand high temperatures and are also not flammable. 

    The H4 robot features another innovative feature – adaptable bidirectional cleaning. This allows cleaning from either side of the row as needed, reducing the time wasted going back and forth to the base. A patented auto-switch also gives flexibility to the cleaning sequence.  

    Beyond having robust physical capabilities, Ecoppia’s robots also utilize smart technology. Like all Ecoppia robots, the H4 is cloud-based and truly autonomous and can be remotely managed from any location. Equipped with smart sensors, the robots can collect millions of data points, giving site managers insights into what is happening on the ground. The data collected by the robots is analyzed on the cloud, providing advanced predictive maintenance, which ensures that maintenance windows are planned well in advance. 

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    Ecoppia’s H4 cleaning robotic solution with Helix Technology

    The first H4 robots will be commercially deployed later this year for large-scale projects, complementing Ecoppia’s suite of robots – the T4 and E4. This opens O&M sites to tailor-made solutions for different projects and a diversity of row layouts within the same project. Ecoppia operates with the knowledge that O&M sites are always looking to be further optimized and will continue to work on its offerings to help sites achieve this goal. 

    About Ecoppia

    For nearly a decade, and with over 16GW of agreements, Ecoppia is the pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV, offering a cloud-based platform and a suite of advanced, fully autonomous robots cost-effectively maximizing the performance of utility-scale PV sites all over the world. Remotely managed and controlled, the Ecoppia platform allows solar sites to maintain peak performance with minimal costs and human intervention.

    Ecoppia in numbers

    + 3,000MW deployed

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    + 16,000MW signed agreements

    + 30 large scale projects

    4 continents of operation

    + 6 billion of panels cleaned

    3 robotic platforms

    For more information, visit our website at http://www.ecoppia.com

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