KCN Vietnam And TotalEnergies Form Partnership To Install Solar Panel Rooftops Across Vietnam

KCN Vietnam and TotalEnergies Form Partnership to Deliver Sustainable Industrial Properties with Solar Panel Rooftops Across Vietnam

KCN Vietnam and TotalEnergies have successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, for a strategic partnership for TotalEnergies to install rooftop solar panel systems across all of KCN Vietnam’s industrial properties nationwide.


On 12th July 2022, KCN Vietnam and TotalEnergies’ strategic partnership negotiation reached a successful milestone in the form of an MOU. Both parties agreed that TotalEnergies would be the exclusive solar energy provider on KCN Vietnam’s rooftops. With current and pipeline projects, KCN Vietnam’s properties will provide approximately 610,000 sqm of roof space and 280,000 sqm of solar panels. TotalEnergies will operate and maintain the solar panel system for 20 years.


Once the solar panels are installed on the rooftops across KCN Vietnam’s existing projects, the maximum solar energy generated is 45 MWp. The annual output is 51 GWH, reducing 23,390 tons of CO2 per year.


KCN Vietnam believes this partnership will aid the fight for sustainable industrial practices in Vietnam. This opportunity will not only adhere to KCN Vietnam’s sustainable development strategy but also provide clean energy to tenants looking to reduce carbon emissions.

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Ms Tran Huynh – COO of KCN Vietnam, stated, “Since the establishment of KCN Vietnam, we have been looking for a reliable and experienced partner to help provide clean energy to our tenants. It has been a long journey, but we finally signed the MOU with TotalEnergies. We strongly believe this partnership will aid our stakeholders and us in the journey towards creating a more sustainable industrial environment in Vietnam.

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