ILIOS® a High Strength Light Weight Solar Module Mounting Solution

    Tata Bluescope Steel

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    Weaving Perfect Synergy for Solar Energy



    ILIOS® from Tata BlueScope Steel offers solar module mounting solutions for ground mount and rooftop applications ILIOS® comes with AL-ZN alloy coated high-strength structural steel that ensures corrosion resistance and longer life ILIOS® Solar Module mounting structures are available through established LYSAGHT® network Tata BlueScope Steel launched its indigenous brand ILIOS® a Solar Module Mounting Solution to cater, to the increasing demand of the renewable energy sector in India. With ILIOS®, Tata BlueScope Steel has addressed the demands for quality products under its flagship brand, for both roof and ground mounting solutions.

    ILIOS® offers a wide variety/ option of structural section range; making it suitable for every requirement. These customized mounting structures are manufactured from cold-rolled Zn-Al/Zn coated steel with high corrosion resistance, weight optimization and quick installation. The high-strength steel ensures better load-bearing capacity and longer spans.

    ILIOS® is one step forward in consolidating Tata BlueScope Steel offerings for the solar segment under a single Brand. These specialized solutions enable an integrated approach, in terms of design detailing, engineering support, installation and material supply. So far ILIOS® has been associated with major projects across India, amounting to 1.4+ GW capacity. To fulfill the challenging needs of the industry, Tata BlueScope Steel’s R&D team of experts has constantly strived in improvising the product offerings with Innovation and Quality at its core.

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    A team of design engineers helps in optimizing the weight of the mounting structures, thereby reducing the overall cost of the structure and in turn the cost of the Project.

    ILIOS® is available pan India through manufacturing facilities at four different locations. This enables an on-time delivery with faster project completion.

    The solar segment is poised for exponential growth in the near future. It is essential for us to provide optimised and high-quality solutions for bridging the demand-supply gap. With ILIOS®, Tata BlueScope Steel aims to offer customised solutions suitable for every customer’s requirement.”

    About LYSAGHT®

    LYSAGHT® by Tata BlueScope Steel manufactures and markets roll-formed roof and wall cladding profiles and caters to the ongoing demands of the B2B industry. For over 150 years the brand has been providing high-quality cladding solutions, structural products and accessories to the industrial, infrastructure and commercial segments the world over. Additionally, it has also established itself as an expert in re-roofing and retrofitting jobs. With expertise in construction & engineering, so far and has given cladding solutions to more than 30 million square meters in the span of over 10 years. LYSAGHT® Engineering and Construction services are well known for implementing world-class safety practices for all its sites, globally.

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    About Tata BlueScope Steel

    Tata BlueScope Steel is an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel in the field of coated steel, steel building solutions and related building products. The Company operates in the Asia Pacific region. Tata BlueScope Steel maintains high standards in Safety, Health and Environment and has been certified by SGS, for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certifications. Tata BlueScope Steel’s core values are Safety, Trust, Human Dignity and Excellence. The company consistently works towards “Creating Your New World in Steel!”

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