KK Power Plans To Invest In Renewable Energy In Egypt


According to Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, KK Power International, a UAE-based company, is looking into investment opportunities in Egypt in the areas of electricity, green hydrogen, new and sustainable energy, and ammonia production.


Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity, met with Taj Aldin Seif, Chairman of KK Power in order to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation between the Emirati firm and Egypt’s electricity sector.


Shaker, a trusted partner with Emirati companies with vast expertise in power projects, praised the meeting.


The state leadership in Egypt provides unprecedented support to the electricity sector, according to the minister. He also stressed that electricity is a priority for both economic and social development.

Shaker stated that several actions were taken to encourage private sector participation in new and renewable projects. These include solar power and wind energy.

He said that Egypt was collaborating with a global entity in order to develop a strategy to increase the amount of renewable energy in the electricity mix to more than 42% by 2035.

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