Saatvik Associates with PV CYCLE to Safeguard the Environment by Treating PV Wastages Globally

Saatvik associates with PV CYCLE to safeguard the environment by treating PV wastages globally

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“Saatvik” the top manufacturer of solar PV modules in India has recently entered an agreement with a Belgium-based waste management organization for treating waste of damaged Saatvik solar PV modules globally. 


PV cycle certification is issued by a leading Belgium-based organization PV CYCLE offering collective and tailor-made waste management and legal compliance services for companies and waste holders around the world. The organization promotes and supports the global development of sustainable PV waste management and issues the PV cycle membership to manufacturers across. When it comes to the collecting, shipping, recycling, and treatment of PV Panels and other waste flows, PV Cycle operates on a worldwide scale, providing members and waste holders with the best available technics without incurring excessive costs.


Mr. Prashant Mathur C.E.O Saatvik stated that PV CYCLE Certification will surely promote & safeguard the environment. He also stated that getting certified by PV CYCLE will contribute to a sustainable PV waste management system. Saatvik has always worked on innovative ideas using the most advanced technologies to avoid maximum wastage. As dumping modules in waste not only harm the environment but also requires huge dumping space, with PV CYCLE membership this concern can be now well managed. 

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Saatvik’s product portfolio includes Mono Perc, Bifacial and Polycrystalline Solar PV modules that are now been certified by the PV CYCLE to reduce wastage and safeguard the environment. 

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