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TrinaTracker Adds 55 MW More to its Project Portfolio in Kenya

Kesses 50 MW PV plant, Kenya

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TrinaTracker is a leading global provider of tracking solutions. It completes “Kesses” a 55 MW PV system located in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County Kenya. Alten Energias Renovables owns the project and Voltalia, in partnership with TrinaTracker, built it. Installation includes 103.936 high-power modules, mounted on 928 single -axe Vanguard 2P trackers. The innovative multi-drive system, as well as the sturdy design, ensures installation stability in the rainy season.

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Vanguard 2P trackers are extremely adaptable to terrain with multiple slopes and different ground conditions. They can also be used to operate equipment that is designed to work over 2000 metres.

Because Photovoltaic, a new technology, is now available in Uasin Gishu County. The county’s economy relies entirely on agriculture and ranching. This made it difficult to find skilled labour. TrinaTracker sent an experienced engineering team to the site for training and supervision. This ensured that the assembly was high-quality and long-lasting reliability.

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It was also difficult to manage the six-month rainy season. Management of local machinery, offloading and distributing material throughout the site, and assembly of trackers under rain were all crucial factors that needed to be taken into consideration to ensure safety and health as well as to create an efficient and well-organized contingency planning. TrinaTracker ensured both security and well-being for the staff as well as timely execution of this project.

Jose Carlos Talavera is Head of Operations and Fulfillment at TrinaTracker. He said that it was really satisfying to see how TrinaTracker provides excellent service even in remote areas. I’m happy to affirm that we are one the few tracker solution providers that can guarantee efficiency and promptness in implementing PV project in Kenya.

Nuno Bastos Silva, Head of Project at Voltalia, stated that TrinaTracker’s exceptional performance in this challenging project in Africa was a result of their extensive experience in remote regions and difficult environments. They also have a great organization for the management of equipment and human resources. Because the project is in an area of high unemployment, all of the partners in the project, including TrinaTracker, have employed a lot of local people from various communities. This has created immense opportunities for learning and development in the region.

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Kesses’ development created more than 70 jobs locally, which contributed to the economic growth of the area. The solar PV plant will generate 123 MW/h clean energy each year. This is enough electricity to power 22.000 homes. The installation will also reduce the emissions of 53 tons of CO2 annually.

TrinaTracker is a leader in tracking solutions in the region, having developed two additional installations in Kenya, “Eldosol” and “Radiant”. It accumulates a total capacity of 155MW, which makes TrinaTraker as a leading tracking solutions provider in the region.

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